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Child Birth Video

Need to know more or witness actual child birth? Watch available child birth videos. They provide live footages so you won't have to visit hospitals for research. You may also easily select the clips you want to see if you prefer to focus on more relevant details.

What are child birth videos?

Child birth videos are recorded video clips showing babies being born. Child birth videos may show Cesarean or natural birth. The lengths of these videos may vary and are often not recommended for people uncomfortable with blood, surgeries or other medical procedures.

Who makes child birth videos?

Child birth videos may be recorded by anyone who has access to a video camera. But usually, these videos are recorded by some medical personnel, medical instructors and medical school students. They record actual natural or Cesarean birth processes for educational purposes.

Who watches child birth videos?

While anyone may watch child birth videos, those who need to do so are medical instructors, medical students and medical practitioners. In general, those who want to learn more about child birth may view child birth videos.

Why should you watch child birth videos?

You should watch child birth videos if you are doing research on the birth process. Such videos provide first-hand information and allow you to observe the actual process. You may want to watch child birth videos to understand subjects or themes such as motherhood, femininity or human nature.

When should you watch child birth videos?

You must watch child birth videos only when you feel comfortable to do so. If you are the type who can manage to see blood or any painful situation or experience, you do not need to take precaution. But if you feel you are not ready to see something that may make you queasy, you must prepare yourself in watching child birth videos.

Where can you watch child birth videos?

Some child birth videos are shown to students and researchers in medical schools and libraries. You may also watch the videos in your own home if you have your own copy. The Internet is another source of child birth videos.

Where can you access child birth videos?

You may access some child birth videos in medical facilities, but you must have the proper identification or authorisation to see the videos. Often, child birth videos are available only for doctors, residents and select patients. So if you cannot access the videos in medical facilities, you may just visit some websites that allow such posts.